Senior Angular Frontend Engineer

Skopje, Greater Skopje
Work Type: Full Time

As an Angular Developer, you'll be working on an advanced FinTech platform that is used in Denmark, Switzerland, and Sweden. This system is used by small and medium companies to large enterprises and has a large ecosystem with its internal app marketplace. The project is developed all locally, by a skilled team of 45+ developers.

You'll be part of the team which delivers and maintains UX features for all the platform's products and teams. The Angular (nrwl) workspace contains more than 5 large applications which share the components of your team in situ, instead of being shared through npm. For that reason, you'll be working on developing highly performant components that will be used by all teams, and as such you must ensure the highest level of quality. You are expected to introduce UI Unit tests (Test Harness, StoryBook) and E2E tests (Cypress) are part of your team workflow. They are essential in maintaining a huge platform consistent and bug-free.

Every team follows agile practices and has daily scrums and daily code reviews, which helps you quickly learn the best practices in the team and product.

Most importantly, with your team, you have daily contact with the Product Owners and UI Designer, where you need to give your input on how to better deliver value to the project.


Our ideal candidate has a minimum of 4 years of experience in building sophisticated SPA applications/solutions in the following technologies:

  • Minimum of 4+ years hands-on development experience with HTML, CSS, TypeScript/JavaScript.

  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors (Sass/SCSS).

  • Understanding of Angular architecture patterns.

  • Experience with Modular Angular Architecture and library technology like Nrwl (Monorepo).

  • Experience with building reusable components and knowledge of Content Projection and Dynamic Components.

  • Experience working with RxJS and a deep understanding of Observables.

  • Experience with state management in Angular Application (NgRx, NGXS).

  • Deep understanding of the Angular change detection mechanism.

  • Extensive Unit and integration testing experience with Jest/Jasmine and E2E testing with Cypress

Workplace Benefits

Your career path matters a lot to us, as such you’ll be continually guided and have the opportunity for Personalized Career Development (Workshops, Paid Online Courses, Mentors). Benefits include paid Personal Private Insurance, membership at many sports establishments (gyms, swimming pool, kickbox…), and plenty of Team building activities/socializing activities. Fresh Fruits are provided free of charge and special orders are usually granted. 

You will have the possibility to work from an office, remotely or hybrid, as you prefer.  The work location is near the center and the work environment is set in regular offices (not the ocean style) which will give you the possibility to work effectively both in a team and individually. You will be working with a young and open-minded team and in a good work atmosphere.

About MCA

MCA is a digital product studio of 110+ devoted in-house developers. Since our inception in 2008, we have created products for both small and large international companies in the telco, finance, and law enforcement industries. With our one-stop-shop approach, our clients appreciate that we deliver the full product and we take full responsibility and ownership.

At MCA we build better, not more!

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