Data Scientist

Skopje, Greater Skopje   |   Full Time

As a Data Scientist, you will need to be up to date with state-of-the-art approaches for data structuring, feature engineering and time series forecasting methods. You will be responsible for making research on the provided data, preparation of the data, definition of the time series forecasting problem and creating pipelines on popular cloud platforms.

Primarily, you will be responsible for compiling actionable insights from data and assisting program, sales and marketing managers build data-driven processes. Your role will involve driving initiatives to optimize for operational excellence and revenue.


  • Ensure that data flows smoothly from source to destination so that it can be processed
  • Utilize strong database skills to work with large, complex data sets to extract insights
  • Filter and cleanse unstructured (or ambiguous) data into usable data sets that can be analyzed to extract insights and improve business processes
  • Identify new internal and external data sources to support analytics initiatives and work with appropriate partners to absorb the data into new or existing data infrastructure
  • Build tools for automating repetitive tasks so that capacity can be freed for analytics
  • Collaborate with program managers and business analysts  to help them come up with actionable, high-impact insights across product lines and functions
  • Work closely with top management to prioritize information and analytic needs


  • Bachelors or Masters in a quantitative field (such as Engineering, Statistics, Math, Economics, or Computer Science with Modeling/Data Science), preferably with work experience of over 2 years.
  • Python (2+ years experience)
  • ML problem definition and feature selection
  • Time Series forecasting
  • Python modules : Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow/PyTorch, XGBoost, Statsmodels
  • You have experience in delivering solutions using continuous integration and continuous delivery. It is a plus if you have experience with continuous training of ML models.
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL)


  • Numpy structures

Workplace Benefits

Benefits include private health insurance, membership at many sports establishments (gyms, swimming pool, kickbox…), and plenty of team-building/socializing activities. Fresh Fruits are provided free of charge and special orders are usually granted. 

You will have the possibility to work from an office, remotely or hybrid, as you prefer. The work location is near the center and the work environment is set in small offices (not the ocean style). 

You will be working with a young and open-minded team and in a good work atmosphere.

About MCA

MCA is a digital product studio of 110+ devoted in-house developers. Since our inception in 2008, we have created products for both small and large international companies in the telco, finance, and law enforcement industries. With our one-stop-shop approach, our clients appreciate that we deliver the full product and we take full responsibility and ownership.

At MCA we build better, not more products!

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