Team Lead in cutting-edge FinTech product

Skopje, Greater Skopje   |   Full Time

Job Description 

You will be in charge of a large team which needs to deliver the next cutting-edge developments in automated Expense and Cost management. This product, which is part of a huge FinTech platform, will additionally be used to issue virtual and real credit cards to the employees of the end-customers. You will be working together with a dedicated team from the largest Scandinavian Bank in order to issue these credit cards. This job requires frequent travels and meetings with the teams at their premises or ours.

As a team lead you will be part of a large group of engineers (35+), which over the past 4 years have built a huge FinTech platform that is operating in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and soon starting in Norway and UK. It will be your growing expert knowledge that will put you in ownership of larger and larger teams as new projects/products are developed.

The platform is built upon the latest technologies and employs the cutting-edge patterns for a cloud native app (Microservices on Kubernetes). We strictly follow TDD patterns, and our platform has more than 20,000+ unit tests, which keep our engineers and owners in check.

Your qualifications

You are an experienced team leader with technical skills that has 3+ years of experience and knows the following technologies:

  • Developing Cloud-Native solutions
  • Test Driven Development
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • OOP Language (preferably in C# and TypeScript)
  • Design Patterns (Rx, DI, Unit of Work, Repository Pattern)
  • Relational SQL Database and NoSQL
  • Basic knowledge of Frontend Framework (preferably Angular or React)
  • Branching Strategies with CI/CD

Workplace Benefits

Your career path matters a lot to us, as such you’ll be continually guided and have the opportunity for Personalized Career Development (Workshops, Paid Online Courses, Mentors). Benefits include paid Personal Private Insurance, membership at many sport establishments (gyms, swimming pool, kick box…), and plenty of Team building activities/socialising activities. Fresh Fruits is provided free of charge and special orders are usually granted.

Work location is near the center and the work environment is set in small offices (not ocean) which will give you the possibility to work effectively both in team and individually. You will be working with a young and open-minded team and in a good work atmosphere.

About MCA

MCA is a digital product studio of 80+ devoted in-house developers. Since our inception in 2008, we have created products for both small and large international companies in the telco, finance and law enforcement industries. With our one-stop-shop approach, our clients appreciate that we deliver the full product and we take full responsibility and ownership.

At MCA we build better, not more!

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